We are a group of professionals, who are passionate about what they do. We work hand in hand to make ISOP projects grow, and to be able to integrate more and more people into health, sports and education programs. To share life experiences and knowledge with each other, motivate and excited us every day.



“I am a Dr. in Physical Therapy, coordinator of the Kayak discipline of Special Olympics Costa Rica, collaborator and instructor of Adapted Surf Costa Rica and collaborator of ISOP since its beginnings in Costa Rica. I enjoy nature, sports and people who are motivated to give the best of themselves, always in an environment of respect and teamwork. I am sure that with perseverance and discipline we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves."


"I am a Physical Therapist, I come from a family of athletes, pioneers in adventure sports in Turrialba, such as canyoning. I am passionate about working with athletes, as well as adults in rehabilitation processes and older adults. Teamwork and empathy with others People are key in the development of my profession."



"I am a professional capable of working individually, performing my skills to the best of my abilities and complementing them with those of a group proactively.

I have the ability to perform at work to obtain results in health, performance, rehabilitation and training rates, complemented with values such as responsibility, punctuality, perseverance, honesty and resilience."


“I am an engineer with a double diploma, in energy and environment, and in ecology and biodiversity management. I started supporting the ISOP programs in 2021 with the administration part, and in parallel certifying myself as an equine therapy instructor. To this day I still work in these two branches of ISOP, and I'm also creating new programs in the environmental protection part. It motivates me every day to get up because I know that what we do makes sense, and that the field of possibilities is infinite! ”



“I am a physical therapist, I really enjoy working on what I am passionate about, with the entire population in general, but my forte is working with children and older adults. I like to provide them with care like the one I would like to be given to myself or a family member, and help them in whatever way I can to improve their abilities. I like to work as a team, that therapy is entertaining and that they feel comfortable with me. In addition, I like to do activities that allow them to achieve both personal and therapeutic goals.“


Surf sports association, focused on the inclusion, empowerment and integral development of people with disabilities in this sport. They have a professional team participating in the para-surfing world championships, they offer surf therapy, as well as recreational surfing activities.

DALUZ is a Therapeutic Equestrian Center whose objective is to improve the quality of life of people through the horse. The activities they develop: Equine therapy, Horse-Assisted Social Therapy, Mini Program, Vaulting and Horse Riding for Children and Adults.

Special Olympics Costa Rica provides year-round sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

ISOP has significant support from different educational centers, where both the administrative staff, as well as physical education teachers and physical and occupational therapists, open their doors to develop joint projects.



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