you want to see in the world"

Our ISOP association promotes Social, Occupational and Professional Inclusion in vulnerable communities in Costa Rica. This through educational, sports and health projects, free and accessible to all.


- Mahatma Gandhi


Little is a Lot - Our motto reminds us day after day that every gesture is important, what is little for you can change the life of another.

Today, 48 children are in ISOP programs. Estiben, Britanny, Isabela, Matias, Esteban, Alison... names and faces that motivate our work. To discover some of them, and a little bit of what we do, watch this video!


The opening of new sports projects, a wheelchair for Estiben, arrival of volunteers, new materials for hydrotherapy...

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ISOP accompanies Costa Rican people of all ages, with disabilities or who live in difficult conditions, in an unstable economic situation.

To help us continue to provide them the best quality of life possible, or make some of their dreams come true, you can access to our donations page to support the association in general, or indicate the specific cause for which you want to donate.


"In 2010 I went to Turrialba with ISOP. It is one of the best experiences of my life. I learned to develop projects, a new language and I lived in a very kind family. In 2014 I returned to Costa Rica to see how the projects were going, and in 2022 I was able to return and help again. I feel like my second home in Costa Rica. Such a beautiful country, with friendly and happy people. I can only recommend that you go and make a difference for the people there!"

Sander Bos

"Isop is an amazing organisation with kind people and big hearts. I joined ISOP in 2019 and went to Costa Rica for 6 months to work with the projects. To see so many people get the help they need and the smiles and love from them, it truly made me happy. I still think back to that time with a big smile on my face. I will always support ISOP and their cause to provide physical therapy to everyone. Love and Pura vida!"

Stella Keereweer

"For me, ISOP was one of the best experiences of my life! I was there in 2018. I lived in Aquiares with my host parents. The whole experience was amazing, we lived with the people but were also included in their culture and family. We worked in all kinds of different places: primary schools, the elderly, extracurricular activities, hydrotherapy and special education. The people who work in the organization are very friendly and guide you through the program. It shouldn't be a question of whether you're going, but for how long !

When I look back at this period I am extremely grateful for the experience and the contacts I have gained there. When I have the opportunity I will definitely come back!

Pascal Van Appeldorf

"I am so honored that I was able to take part in the amazing projects from ISOP. After graduating as a physiotherapist in 2022 I traveled to Costa Rica to work with ISOP and stayed with the most wonderful host family. It truly was an eye-opening experience which made me grow botg as a therapist and as a person. ISOP is a very much needed and beautiful local project, making a difference in the everyday lives of the patients around Turrialba."

Eugenie Lambrecht

"Working for ISOP was an experience that I will never forget. I had the opportunity to work with the most charming people, who made me smile every day and always gave me a feeling of happiness and a lot of positive energy. I learned a lot from the culture and from ISOP where "little is a lot" and relationship orientation are the most important things that I appreciate. Due to all this experience I have developed myself in a positive way and I have changed my way of living."

Zoë Korstanje

"For my minor during the Sports Science course, I chose to go to Costa Rica for five months. Through my studies I came into contact with the organization ISOP. I have carried out several projects in the Spanish language in the field of sports and exercise. I have had good guidance from the organization ISOP, because of this I have succeeded in motivating and supporting people with their physical goals. Through the organization I came into contact with my host family where I lived for 5 months. It was a very educational period for me and I was able to enjoy everything a lot!

Rowan Küthe




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