Costa Rica is a small country located on the isthmus of America, bathed by the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Its official language is Spanish, but it has 7 autochthonous indigenous dialects. A country without army, where education is free and obligatory with a literacy rate of 96%, and which has one of the best health systems in Latin America.

With only 51,000 km², this little paradise concentrates 5% of the world's biodiversity. It is the country where ecotourism was born, with a wonderful and indescribable scenic beauty. In a single territory, you can discover countless different landscapes, related to the more than 150 microclimates. So many reasons to enjoy discovering Costa Rica, its cultural richness, the warmth of its people, the peace and the true meaning of its motto "pura vida".


ISOP was born in The Netherlands in 2003, developing different programs in Zambia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Since then, a great cooperative relationship has grown between its founders and the team of volunteers in Costa Rica.

In 2020 we made ISOP official in Costa Rica, as an association and certified SME company, thanks to the efforts of a group of Costa Ricans with the desire to improve the living conditions of people in vulnerable communities, promoting physical and mental health.

ISOP has several programs, adapted to different ages and health situations, created for the most vulnerable people in the region. It is important to note that the programs are FREE for ALL users.

The collaborative work with Universities and international programs has made ISOP a source of motivation, an experience and a tool to help people in different areas of the country.

Our objectives are : to promote education and respect for the environment, ensure social inclusion and access to sports and health activities, provide aid in the acquisition of support equipment, and increase the labor and professional option in different communities of Costa Rica.


1- Develop free community and school projects, that promote health, sports and recreation, in different regions of Costa Rica. This, so that the most vulnerable people also have the right to these services.

2- Improve the quality of life of our users and promote access to health services and acquisition of technical aids.

3- Offer practice and professional development options for students, and national and foreign professionals, specialized in the areas of health, sports and recreation.

4- Improve the infrastructure and build physical spaces for the development of sports activities, promoting health and recreation.