This program is one of the oldest of ISOP. Since its inception we have seen the social, psychological and motor benefits of our users. The aquatic environment enhances many people's abilities and we use this resource to carry out our activities in a different, efficient and fun way.


Our program has a highly qualified teacher, with a great spirit of growth, and therapists who care for children and adults. After an initial assessment, a process begins to improve the skills of the users, according to their individual needs. The program ensures quality care, being the only one of its kind in the region.


The program has always been a challenge because in the region we do not have access to a specific pool for it. But this hasn't stopped us and we have managed, with the support of different pools of the area, to work at their places. At the moment, the program takes place in the swimming pool of the UCR, the CATIE and in the pool of the Americas.


  1. Attend Hydrotherapy sessions and support with the management of each case individually.

  2. Assist therapists with planning hydrotherapy classes and activities.

  3. Support therapists in the direct care of our users.

  4. Work together with parents and users, to improve the individual skills of children.

  5. Keep the information updated in our case file, and enrich it with audiovisual material.

  6. Propose new techniques and specialized work, in a specific case or in one of the groups.

  7. Visit the homes of some users and learn about the reality of their lifestyle, thus having more clarity on how the program can help improve their conditions.

  8. Support in the acquisition of necessary materials for pool work.

  9. Motivate other professionals or volunteers to follow up on the programs.